Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleep apnea relief pills

Sleep apnea relief pills
What is the use of sleep apnea relief pills? Sleep Apnea and depression might look the same. Both of those conditions will cause mood swinging and restless body and mind. Some doctor’s perhaps will treat the patients of sleep apnea by giving the pills of depression for them. Sleep apnea is about getting a proper rest and so did depression cases. 

A research has been conducted to find out the best medication for sleep apnea. Mirtazapine is called as a potential medication for sleep apnea. The pills containing mirtazapine is a good choice for sleep apnea. So far, mirtazapine is named as the most effective chemical pill to heal the sleep apnea. 

According to the research, sleep apnea relief pills like mirtazapine contained pills made the sleep apnea patients able to sleep comfortably. Somehow, in the US, this mirtazapine for sleep apnea pills has not been approved. Sleep apnea is occurring when the muscle of the throat and tongue unable to relax and blocking the airway while we were sleeping. Sleep apnea will lead to heart attack, high blood pressure, or stroke if wasn't treated properly. 

The usage of sleep apnea pills were suggested in some level only. In short term perhaps. Since sleep apnea pills itself contained sedative compound that will lead to addiction if being used constantly and regularly. We've seen so many cases of overdose of sleeping pills. Sleeping pills and sleep apnea pills more or less are similar. They'll cause relaxation if we use it, but it will "kill" our nerves as well. 

The use of sleep apnea pills is aimed as a short term help not for the long term. People who just undergone a surgery usually needed this kind of sleep apnea pills to be able to relax. Still it’s only for two or three days. 

Moreover, sleep apnea pills are just a way. To cure sleep apnea, sleep apnea relief pills are not the answer. It’s supposed to be fixed the main cause. And, be sure to relax.

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