Saturday, May 26, 2012

CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea

CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea
Are there any CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea? CPAP therapy is a common therapy suggested by the doctors to the sleep apnea patients. Some side effects caused by CPAP therapy are dry mouth, suffocation, nasal congestion, uncomfortable mask, claustrophobia. In order to cure the sleep apnea without problems, alternative for CPAP is needed. 

CPAP alternative treatments are by using mouthpiece as recommended by dentist. This mouthpiece is shaped like a retainer as used by football players or boxers and it’s aimed to help to movement of jaw and tongue in order to open the blockade of the airway. Still, this retainer as the CPAP alternative for sleep apnea must be used during sleeping as well. 

The next CPAP alternative for sleep apnea is behavioral therapy. Be sure to not drinking alcohol, consuming addictive components, sedative compounds, or smoking and eating right before sleeping. All of those activities will cause anxiety. Therefore, sleep apnea will occur. 

Playing didgeridoo is also an alternative of CPAP for sleep apnea. Bristish Medical Journal said that the muscle training device favored by the patients of sleep apnea since it helps a lot in curing the sleep apnea condition. Didgeridoo is like a dancing device with the main aim for fun. Didgeridoo is a proof that alternative of CPAP for curing sleep apnea is fun. Summary, you can find many CPAP alternatives for sleep apnea that you might never think before.

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